Vikram Vedha

A neo-noir action thriller directed by Pushkar And Gayathri starring Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. 

It is a dark drama that did not have much hype in any sense. But once it released it got the whole tinsel town talking about it. The movie underlines the story of Vikram and Betal (Vedhalam in tamil). After a long time Kollywood witnesses some good story telling even though police and gangster story being the core.

Every scene was thought of in detail. All the minute background details match the scene  showing the line between both the leads. The wife of Vikram being the lawyer for Vedha and Vedha’s story being shown in parts like how Betal narrates is the best. 

All the rise of the movie had a new level of background score by Sam. The music were present at only needed parts.  Both the established actors score at their parts but the character of Vedha kills every scene with the proper niche acting. The portrayal of Priya by Shraddha Srinath and Chandra by Varalaxmi Sarathkumar stays with you. 

All together it is a must watch for people who seek a movie with meaning and thoughts more than entertainment.



I happen to watch a Telugu family entertainer online, “Manam” – A sheer cinematic brilliance from director Vikram Kumar produced by the famous Akkineni family.  The movie explains relationships at depth with the back of an ensemble cast.  It is a movie about reincarnation in simple terms.  Trust me, it’s not complicated at all. It’s a story of a man who tries to reunite his parents in the present times as they failed doing so in the past, as they meet an accidental death while moving a divorce.

Instead of unfolding the plot, I would like to say what I enjoyed throughout the movie. The way the director has connected the frame amazes you. Every scene brings freshness and warmth with an inch of humour.  The timing of reminiscing the events touch you to the core.

Now moving to the technical aspects of the film, they have put sufficient and soothing songs that were composed by Anup Rubens. The lead male actors belonging to the same family have put up a commendable job for their characters. The lead females are much more than eye candies and their characters are on point with the others. The interval break did strike me with awe as I wasn’t expecting that. At times you may feel the movie is dragging with unwanted scenes but they act as connectors as the movie proceeds. The whole feel of the movie set in a yellow background which gives you the feel of a close-knit family.

I strongly recommend you to watch this movie ( with subtitles if you aren’t familiar with the language spoken). Being a non-Telugu speaker I lived through each character,so I can assure you will definitely not be wasting your time checking my suggestion out. Let me know your views and opinions. 😁

Lead cast of the movie:

  • Akkineni Nageshwar Rao       
  • Akkineni Nagarjuna 
  • Akkineni Naga Chaitanya 
  • Samantha Ruth Prabhu 
  • Shriya Saran